Intelligent e-Health

We believe in smart interdisciplinary synergy of cutting edge technologies combined with verifed and trustworthy scientific methods in order to create efficient and useful e-Health and m-Health solutions.


We focus on creating new technologies and helpful solutions for both patients and medical staff. Our projects are inspired by practical needs and clinical expectations. We dream about creating inexpensive, easy-to-use, globally available solutions. We cooperate with the academic community, research institutions, hospitals, clinics. We have been part of the Polish Telemedicine and e-Health Society for over 10 years. Areas of interest: Gynecology, Obstetrics, Sexology, Psychology, InVitro.


Our Research and Development activities in the Information and Communications Technologies are based primarily on Free-and-Open-Source approach. We use, support, create, develop tools compatible with BSD, MIT, Apache, GNU licenses. This way our commercial projects support the Open-Source community worldwide. We are far from ideology of enforcing changes, we prefer Unix solutions. Areas of interest: Software (Unix, BSD, C, Python, Verilog), Electronics (design, development, rapid prototyping), Embedded Systems (NuttX RTOS, Zephyr RTOS, MicroPython), RISC-V, ESP, ARM, FPGA.


Our mobile and web applications are free of charge with basic set of features. Mobile applications are distributed over Google Play and Apple App Stores what provides integrated payments and updates automation. Additional features such as data storage, computations, reports, dedicated materials and contents may be charged on per-use (micropayments) or time-of-use (abonament) basis. This allows us to cover development and maintenance expenses while your constant financial burdens are taken to absolute minimum. You pay only for what you want, how much you want, when you want.

We are constantly adding new features, will expand our existing products, where possible, with new functions, services, educational materials, guides, etc. In future, when new devices show up, if demanded and beneficial, their support may be added to our systems, even if manufactured by other companies.

We plan to expand our research into new fields of medicine. We are open for your suggestions and ideas!


We are open to business cooperation with doctors, clinics, institutions, vendors, who want to expand their services, extend their scope, or simply integrate with our products and services. We create solutions on our own from scratch. REST API can be used for data exchange. Contact us for details.

We have a special offer for consumer and medical grade electronics vendors. We can offer wide range of intellectual property licensed products: use of patents, methods, industrial design, source code, circuit schematics, even full technical documentation. We do our favourite but risky R&D part, so you too can launch a brand new product, just buy the results and save youself the pains. If you own a mass market production capabilities that can minimise end product pricing this offer is also for you!

We provide substantive support and consulting services to our products. Our goal is to reach as many people who may find our solutions beneficiary. If you want to use our ideas in your own product this is also possible. Let it be our common success based on win-win approach!


Consulting services are available at standard rate 75EUR/MH net EU VIES VAT.


This Free Mobile Application will be your interactive assistant and guide to:

  • 1. childbed
  • 2. child care
  • 3. kid development

Ekran aplikacji iqBobas.


Innovative solution for:

  • 1. women's physiology assesment
  • 2. fertility and pregnancy planning
  • 3. sexual life improvement
  • 4. more accurate evidence based diagnosis

Ekran aplikacji iqLady.


IQCREDO spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością realizuje projekt „Opracowanie Innowacyjnego Systemu Inteligentnego Monitorowania Fizjologii Kobiecej” (RPMA.01.02.00-14-a180/18) dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich.

Przedmiotem projektu jest realizacja badań przemysłowych oraz prac rozwojowych zmierzających do opracowania Systemu "PINKY" - innowacyjnego w skali świata systemu diagnostycznego dla kobiet, będącego inteligentnym asystentem oceny parametrów fizjologicznych kobiety, który wspierać będzie proces stawiania prawidłowej diagnozy przez lekarza, a także pomoże wypracować dobre nawyki w dbaniu o zdrowie reprodukcyjne.

Wartość ogółem projektu wynosi 1.746.999,00zł z tego wkład Funduszy Europejskich 1.167.063,61zł

We are currently conducting a Research and Development project, co-funded by the European Union, on Innovative System for Smart Monitoring of Women's Physiology (RPMA.01.02.00-14-a180/18).

"PINKY" system will be a world class solution for women's physiological health assesment, in a form of friendly assistant, that will not only support doctor's diagnostics but also create solid pro-health behaviors and habits in a reproductive health area.

Total project value is 1,746,999.00 PLN with 1,167,063.61 PLN European Union Funds input.





Medicine, Gynecology, Obstetrics, InVitro, Media.

Tomasz CEDRO

Tomasz CEDRO

Electronics, ICT, Programming, Prototyping, R&D.



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